As the name would suggest, I started Vegan Corporate Life to share tips, trials, and tomfoolery about being vegan in a corporate world. 


When I launched the initial blog in 2010, I had just become a vegan, and I was learning a lot about what to eat and how to handle questions from family, coworkers, and friends. I took a hiatus from blogging in 2013 and went to graduate school.


Now that I'm back to writing, it's amazing to me how many vegan products, companies, and blogs have launched over the past five years. I'm learning new things each day, and I hope to share my learnings as I continue to build my career. 


I'll be covering topics from work shoes to amazing desk items, meal planning to business travel, the occasional vacation and much more! I'll even throw in planning a wedding for a vegan and a meat-eater over the next year!


Thank you for visiting. I hope that we can continue to learn together.



Send me a note! 

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